Il Cacciatore Toscano - The Tuscan Hunter : a feast in celebration of wild things

Mark your calendars! On Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30pm, we're rejoining forces with the inimitable Bruce Bauer of Vino Wine Sho to bring you a festive dinner of Tuscan-style game. Some of you may remember our collaborations from our food cart days: we'd cook four-course Florentine feasts and hustle them next door to Bruce's shop where he'd pour out perfectly-paired wines to accompany. 

Paolo's family hails from the mountainous, forested Mugello region just north of Florence, which is prime hunting ground: boar, deer, fowl: you name it, they shoot it and eat it. We'll be featuring venison "in dolceforte", which is a preparation for game meat very rarely seen these days even in Tuscany. Literally meaning "sweet and strong", this sauce dates back to the noble palazzos of Renaissance Florence, where it was served to an elite whose palates were used to now-bizarre combinations of spices and flavors influenced by New World and Far East conquests. The venison will be slow-stewed till tender with cocoa, red wine vinegar, clove, cinnamon, pine nuts, and candied fruit. Unusual, delicious, and remarkably subtle, it's a great gastronomic counterpoint to your typical Tuscan cucina povera.

Il Cacciatore Toscano - The Tuscan Hunter: a feast in celebration of wild things. Four courses with wine pairings, $95 per person including gratuity. ($25 deposit required) Reserve your spot now by emailing Elizabeth at