Florentine Food

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Our menu reflects the seasons. We are committed to offering the highest quality ingredients, favoring local farms and purveyors as well as our native Italy.

Our pastas and breads are handmade.


Crostini di fegatini    8

chicken liver paté, pane toscano, vin santo gelatina

Sformato    10

savory artichoke flan

Melanzane    12

eggplant layers, béchamel, pomarola, pecorino fresco & parmigiano-reggiano

Insalata delle Cascine    9

butter lettuce, shaved fennel, radish & parmigiano-reggiano, boiled egg

Tagliere    14

creminelli finocchiona, pecorino toscano stagionato & fresco, house pepper jam

~   ~   ~

Pasta e ceci    9

thick soup of puréed garbanzo beans & herbs, with handmade pasta

Gnudi    14

spinach & ricotta gnocchi, butter & sage

Pappardelle    19

handmade wide ribbon pasta, sauce of stewed wild boar

Arista    18

pork loin roasted with fennel pollen & herbs, cannellini beans

Coniglio    22

braised rabbit alla cacciatora, dry-cured black olives, fried polenta

Inzimino    17

squid simmered in spinach, red wine & herbs

Cartoccio    20

black cod fillet in parchment, tomato, herbs, capers & castelvetrano olives

~   ~   ~

patate alla toscana {potatoes fried with garlic, sage & rosemary}  5

cavolo nero {italian kale, Highgrove Farms cannellini, acorn squash}  6

finocchi {fennel gratin, béchamel, parmigiano}  6

fagiolini {green beans in tomato, onion & garlic}  6

pane toscano {tuscan-style bread}  2

crescentine {puffed fried bread}  4


{ BAMBINI: it's no secret that italians love children, and we're happy to offer kid-friendly options such as simple tomato sauce or butter & parmigiano for pasta in smaller portions. Just ask! }


Zuccotto   8

spongecake, chocolate & vanilla semifreddo, alkermes

Nonna   8

pine nut-covered custard tart

Toscanaccio   13

housemade biscotti {2} & vin santo for dunking

Cavallucci   4

housemade siena-style cookies

Biscotti   4

housemade almond cookies

Messner Climbs McKinley {our boozy alpine float}   11

elisir novasalus amaro, elderflower, pinolo gelato stracciatella, good root beer

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