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Eater, September 27, 2016 - "Whims says she likes it so much that it's not unusual for her [and her husband, David West] to eat there three times a week, adding that after returning from a recent trip to Tuscany, they immediately dropped by 'in order to keep the Tuscan experience extended'" - When She Wants to Return to Italy, Nostrana's Cathy Whims Heads to Burrasca

Portland Tribune Entrée Guide, July 22, 2016 - "Any of the handmade pastas at Burrasca fall into ultimate comfort food for me. Last week I enjoyed large ravioli filled with fresh ricotta and squash blossoms. This week there's hand-rolled pici with guinea hen, pork and vin santo ragù" - Chef Cathy Whims of Nostrana on her favorite Portland Comfort Food

Food Republic, October 13, 2015 -  "I love Burrasca, which is in my neighborhood. The chef is Tuscan, and his food is really pure" - Chef Cathy Whims reveals her favorite Portland dining spots

Willamette Week Restaurant Guide, October 28, 2015 - "It is a type of restaurant that Portland almost never sees, and certainly doesn't see executed so well. Burrasca is a provincial spot with simple flavors nurtured with care – a humble, lovely ode to the food of its chef's hometown" – The City's 99 Best Restaurants: Burrasca No. 5

Willamette Week, October 28, 2015 - "As at restaurants in Italy, Florence-born chef Paolo Calamai doesn't make every random shape of pasta to suit variety-hungry Americans – and perhaps as a result, his housemade tagliatelle is remarkable in its consistency. The pasta is always just on the right side of al dente, with its lightly-herbed [beef ragù] wonderfully balanced in salt, acidity and sweetness" – Year of the Noodle: Portland's Best Pasta

Portland Monthly, October 19, 2015 - "Burrasca's greatest strengths are its pastas, best demonstrated by the tender ricotta gnudi, soaking up a pool of sage butter, and the velvety cuts of tagliatelle in thick beef ragù. Equally great: Calamai's garlicky, slow-cooked dishes, like the dark, braised squid inzimino, and the palombo, a dish of thresher shark cloaked in rich tomato sauce" - The 50 Best Portland Restaurants For Any Occasion

The Oregonian, September 17, 2015 - "The new restaurant retains the food cart's charm and seasonal approach to food, currently featuring a fritto misto, a pitch-perfect pappa al pomodoro and Calamai's old show-stopper: silky spinach-ricotta gnudi in a sage-infused butter sauce" - Portland's Best New Restaurants 2015

Willamette Week, September 2, 2015 - "The first person you will likely meet at Burrasca is chef Paolo Calamai. Looking like a friendly version of the assassin in The Professional, Calamai strolls through his intimate, airy trattoria greeting new arrivals, filling the occasional wine glass, stepping into the line of his busy open kitchen, and surveying the spinach-ricotta gnudi or herb-crusted pork loin... By far the most famous dish is the squid inzimino, a dish little-known in these parts. Calamai's version is a heady mix of tender squid, spinach crumpled like seaweed, tomato and herbs that arrives looking like no other plate in Portland. It's a pungent stew of inky, amorphous blackness punctuated with slices of crostini, both alien and deeply addictive" – Tuscan Son: Burrasca Brings the Bright Flavors of Florence to Clinton Street

Portland Monthly Eat Beat, July 14, 2015 - Inside Burrasca's New Brick-and-Mortar

The Oregonian, July 13, 2015 - First Look: Burrasca, Former Rustic Tuscan Food Cart Turned Brick and Mortar

Portland Monthly, June 4, 2015 - Burrasca Will Open Inside the Former Block's Café Space in July

Portland Monthly, January 21, 2015 - The 10 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2015

Willamette Week, December 31, 2014 - Most Anticipated Portland Restaurant and Bar Openings of 2015



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