Thank you, Portland

On this Giorno del Ringraziamento, the Burrasca family foursome is thankful for many things: health, family, and friends being at the top of the list.

But we are also so thankful for the warm welcome this wonderful city of Portland has shown us: in the kids’ new school, in new friendships, in enthusiastic and adventurous customers at the cart. It seems that everywhere we turn in the Rose City, the genuine friendliness of the locals and that all-round good vibe such openness and friendliness fosters renews our deep satisfaction with our choice to call this place home.

So in this spirit of gratitude, we’d like to extend sincere and warmest thanks to Portland Monthly and the Portland Mercury for two recent write-ups (see links below), and express our heartfelt thanks to the customers–regular and new–who come to see us at the cart, bringing their hearty appetites and encouragement. To borrow the phrase Steven Shomler of Portland Food Cart Adventures uses, YOU, dear customers, are what makes the food cart magic happen–at least for us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Grazie di cuore,

Paolo, Elizabeth, Giacomo & Gemma

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